1. dvsDave

    Backstage at the Fox 2020-01-10

    Fox Fact, a blog that serves as the Companion site to BACKSTAGE AT THE FOX 1929, by @BOB FOREMAN , in which Bob lays out the fascinating history and incredible facts of the storied Atlanta Fox Theatre. An amazing read, from stories about the radio tower atop the theatre in the 30's to the story...
  2. Ben Mills

    De-rig Arms

    Hi all,Why are the doughty style of boom arms become dubbed 'derig arms'? Where did the term come from?Just curious.
  3. Max Wurtz

    Vintage Lighting Question about the history of consoles

    I caught some of a Queen concert on TV and I was amazed with the caliber of the lighting rig and was intrigued how that could be done in 1981. So my questions are, what kind of console would they have been running, how much would have been manual over programming? Just a Friday evening quandary...