1. josh88

    HME WH220 Latching Issue

    So I've run into something that hasn't happened before and I thought I'd check in here for any insight. I have an HME wireless system in my space and I've got one headset that seems to be stuck in a mode not covered by the manual. All my other headsets work fine, but I've got one where 1...
  2. S

    Wireless Wireless Com Purchase

    The theatre I work for is currently pursuing new wireless com to replace our aging Telex BTR-700 unit. We initially pursued FreeSpeak, and it has some very exciting features, but we received less money from a grant than we had anticipated. We are now looking into HME DK410. Another local theatre...
  3. NickVon

    HME RW800 interface to cabled system

    Installed in our building is a 2 channel older Clear-com system, we only use Channel A and the whole wired system works just fine. We have recently borrowed an Older HME RW800 4 pack wireless system in the 470.00 Mhz Range. There is a wiring diagram printed on the top of he RW800 base station...