1. E

    First pro console choice

    Hi all,I've been learning on a Lightshark, and while it was fun, I've been hitting its limits and feel like it's time to upgrade to a "real" console, in particular as we're finally getting a pile of moving heads at our venue.I was looking at picking up a Ma dot2 XLF until the availability...
  2. RickR

    Console universe capacities

    Can some of you console gurus fill me in on an odd situation?A touring LD brough his GrandMA to a multi-venue site where all the house fixtures were put in Universe 300+ and he couldn't control them. :confused: I wasn't around for the previous nights Hog issues, but it might have been the same...
  3. fluentpc

    Multiple Consoles on ETC Net2

    Hello everyone, Our theater just finished settings up multiple consoles. We have an ETC Ion and Hog 4 PC on a Net2 lighting network. Everything works great except for moving lights. This is because the network works that the highest value for each DMX address is the value that is outputted...
  4. K

    Hog 4 PC Network over sACN or Art-Net

    So, I'm in a pickleI'm going to be designing (which around here means being an entire lighting crew) a show, and I really need/want every intelligent fixture we have for this show, but some dumb scheduling has left me with an express, where I was planning on a Hog 3. I've been running Hog 3 PC...