1. Blake Alley

    Control/Dimming Hog4 Hue/Saturation or CMY?

    Hey, everyone! I’ve got an interesting conundrum for Hog4 users and, more specifically, the color system.Hog4 has an option for either Hue/Saturation or CMY and I’ve experimented a lot with both. The thing I’m trying to figure out is which is better for both standardizing colors between...
  2. Joël Huxtable

    Midi wing for HegeHog 4

    I'm curious about using a midi controller as a wing of my Hedgehog. I like APC mini. I can't find any definitive answer if this will work. Can i assign faders, etc. Someone mentioned OSC, but im nt sure the works with hard controllers. Any help would be appreciated.Akai Professional APC Mini