1. kiersplat

    Hoisting heavy objects to and from a low grid

    I have a pair of Electrovice ETX-10P speakers which individually are about 50lbs. I put ETX-TCA-S truss brackets on both of them. We have about a 9ft-ish high grid in the space that I mounted the speakers to.When I put the speakers up, my team just passed me the speaker while I was up on a...
  2. PeterV

    Creative Conners introduces Spotline Practical

    Creative Conners, Inc. introduces Spotline Practical, a new small, form-factor hoist with a powered lifting line and integrated motion controller. Spotline Practical easily lifts small scenic elements and practical lighting while maintaining safety standards and ease of use. Controlled by...
  3. Joshualangman

    Affordable automation for very lightweight scenery?

    Hi all!Here’s a fun question. Please note: this is for preliminary brainstorming purposes only. It’s for a show that hasn’t even entered preproduction, and I’m just exploring some first ideas. I will not attempt to implement any automation myself, as I am not a scenic or automation designer...