house lights

  1. Hugtrain

    Control/Dimming Convert standard house dimmer to ETC Paradigm or equivalent?

    Hello there.I am wondering if it is possible to convert switches to a system like paradigm or an equivalent house light system.Whoever built this theater definitely did not consult anybody related to theater at all. No tech booth, tiny wing space, no way to cross to the other wing, and also...
  2. M

    Vision.Net Designer 4.5

    Hello!I'm the tech director at a few schools in my area, and one of them has an older Vision.Net house light control system. Since I took over the space, we've made a few changes to the house lights and work lights, however I have no way to update those presets in the Vision.Net system. I've...
  3. lwinters630

    House light solution!

    We finally came up with a solution to replace the house lights in our gymatorium for our church. We used the Elation Fuze Pendant . We had great support from Robert Mentele with Elation. He took our room sizes and trim height and did a full rendering. This assured us of getting even coverage...
  4. Kyla Werrett

    Riverside Harvest Church - Inspired

    New House Lighting features the Chroma-Q® Inspire™ LED FixtureUnited States, September 22, 2021 – For over 40 years, Harvest Church, located in Riverside, CA has been committed to helping the community learn and grow in their faith. Looking to modernize its space, Harvest Church decided it was...
  5. C

    Dmx routing, multiple channel control, pathport c series alternetive

    I have a pathport c-series to help control house lighting which has stopped working, smells like it’s burnt out.We use the pathport to route DMX channels from our house light controller. Basically, we have a 6 channel DMX controller, the sends DMX channels 1-6 and the pathport is set up to...
  6. Julian Amrine

    Control/Dimming Looking for an old lightolier Lytemode panel

    Hi everyone,This is a long shot, but do any of you know where I can find a four scene Lytemode DMX wall panel? Not the master station, just the panel itself. I've found one master station on ebay for a very high price, but it won't do any good. Yes, I know the real solution is to upgrade out...
  7. tdtastic

    Egress Lighting

    Ummm, ok..... BEFORE I have to dive into the federal regulations to prove a point (not on here but to the uneducated powers-that-be who run my building) someone PLEASE back me up that I'm not on glue:All public buildings (educational in this case) are required to have battery-powered emergency...
  8. Conner Jones

    Anyone know how to program this?

    Mystery panel by Conner Jones posted May 6, 2018 at 4:31 PM Hey guys,This light panel is in the rack at my new job and it controls all our house lights. It also controls our shell lights. The shell is 3 hung sections that flip from vertical to horizontal to make the roof. Pretty standard...
  9. Hanthorn

    LED House light control

    I am looking to install some LED retrofits in the house lighting at my theater, has anyone tied or know how to get DMX/ArtNET/sACN to control ZigBee devices (the LED house lights) I am looking at the Sylvainia Lightify product line. Thanks in advanced!
  10. D

    LED House Lights Not dimming

    So my theatre installed a bunch of LED house lights 0-10V 1% dimming and gave me a few ELV10 dimmer modules and said it should work fine. Well surprise they don't dim. any ideas? The link to the units we have are below We are running 3 ETC sensor3 racks...
  11. H

    Electronics Diversified House Light System

    Hey everybody, so we've been experiencing this problem for years now, we're finally looking at solving it. We have a Electronics Diversified mark vii dimmer rack which also includes our house lights, they use the same dimmers as our other lights. However there is a special input for house light...
  12. tdtastic

    LED HouseLights FAIL!!!

    Much to my chagrin, our school’s maintenance team has replaced all of my theatre’s incandescent house lights with LED floods as part of an energy-saving mandate. Of course, THEY DON’T DIM!!! Seeking advice from others who have found themselves trying to do this very thing. I have 17-year-old...