1. A

    LED House Lights "Flick on"

    Hello, my school recently got a major upgrade and part of that was a transition to LED. Our incandescent house lights were replaced with dimmable LED fixtures. We are faced with a problem however, it seems every time we bring them up at the end of an event (after they have been off for awhile)...
  2. mcubed4130

    Rental Recommendations US West Coast or US, for wireless sound

    Hello everyone,Based on various threads like this one - many others, it seems like it may be better to rent my various wireless microphones (likely Shure QLX-D or Sennheiser 300 or 500s) when I need...
  3. H

    Electronics Diversified House Light System

    Hey everybody, so we've been experiencing this problem for years now, we're finally looking at solving it. We have a Electronics Diversified mark vii dimmer rack which also includes our house lights, they use the same dimmers as our other lights. However there is a special input for house light...