intelligent fixtures

  1. A

    Lighting Cue List

    Hello, I am going to be programming a light show for an event later this March, I only will have the fixtures for 1 week (we are renting) but it is going to be a very complex show for me (6 Moving Head fixtures, 2 Foggers, and numerous LEDs), i will have to make various effects and so on. I...
  2. EHansenLX

    ETC Express & Moving Lights

    So I'm renting 2 Martin Mac 700 Profiles for an upcoming show and I was figuring on renting an Element as my control console. However, most of what I'm doing will be fairly simple and I'm wondering if just working with the Express 48/96 we already have would be sufficient.Anybody have any...
  3. WFair

    Automated Fixtures Sweep multiple moving lights with ETC Element

    [Using ETC Element] I am trying to program an effect or a series of linked cues (can't figure which is a better approach) to simulate a train passing across the stage. I have 2 old Technobeams (mirror fixtures) and 2 MAC DesignSpot 250. The idea is to have them each sweep straight across the...