1. ApolloDesign

    Introducing the Apollo GoboPro+ LED Outdoor Profile

    Introducing the Apollo GoboPro+ LED Outdoor Profile - IP65; Suitable for Outdoor Use - UL Listed - Apollo is the Exclusive USwww.apollodesign.net/apollo-outdoor-led-profile-75w
  2. jt3

    Conventional Fixtures Cost Effective (Cheap) LED LEKO for Outdoors?

    My boss is going GOBO wild and wants more and more put into our show every year. 90% of them are used outdoors. I am up to 14 Source Four 750s and I'm out of power. We've built "rain bonnets" to help weather proof the electric end of the units and that works well. I'm thinking of getting the...
  3. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional COLORado 2 Quad Zoom User Manual Rev. 1

    COLORado 2-Quad Zoom is a solid indoor/outdoor wash light featuring 14 bright quad-colored Osram (RGBW) LEDs and a 14° to 44° zoom. Selectable dimming curves facilitate its integration into an existing rig. This excellent LED wash light maintains its IP65 rating with IP rated DMX cables, but...