1. Joshualangman

    DMX iris as projector douser?

    Hi all,Does anyone do this? Any reason not to? I'm concerned that the iris may be smaller than the lens even when full open. Does anyone make an iris-type product for a larger aperture than the typical S4 iris?Josh
  2. A

    Shadow-box Like Illumination with scrim ?

    Hello, I am a part of high school theater company and we are putting on a production of Still Life with Iris by Steven Dietz. In this play, there are numerous moments where the main character recalls a still life image and a smaller version needs to be seen by the audience. We have created a...
  3. MRW Lights

    Martin MH Profile Plus hanging iris failure

    Okay hive mind here's a new one at least for me... I have a Martin MH Profile Plus with a "stuck" Iris. I say "stuck" because if it's on the deck it works fine, but the second you hang it the Iris stops working. We have exhausted the trouble shooting list, isolating the dmx, resetting the...
  4. EHansenLX

    Control/Dimming DMX Help

    Hi: I'm relatively new to all this DMX stuff and I was hoping to get some help on a set-up I was planning.We have an ETC Express 48/96 that will be doing all the DMX control. We are hanging two I-Cue systems with a DMX Iris in each (on a S4). We will also have 8 color scrollers on some...