1. yardape

    Control/Dimming Are ETC Unison dimmers and Leviton/NSI iSeries compatible

    We have an older ETC Unison dimmer rack and several of the power cubes have lost one of the two channels. For now, we just swap the module with the bad power cube with a module with a good power cube. New power cubes cost $100-$150. But I am seeing new Leviton iSeries modules for under $10...
  2. Q

    Control/Dimming iSeries E 96 dimmer rack configuration software

    Hello everyone,I work in higher education and I'm trying to install some LED fixtures (American DJ PAR Z100) in our old theater. We would like to utilize the existing power from the dimmer rack ( iSeries E 96 ) by converting the stage pin to powercon. In the dimmer rack manual it talks about...