1. Walnut

    Leprecon ULD 360 Dimming issue

    Hi All,I am having an odd problem with my Leprecon. My space uses 2 ULD 360 Leprecons to pump my dimmer count up to 42. These have been here since before i began this job 4 years ago and I am not sure when they were actually manufactured. the leprecon in question was purchased about 6 years...
  2. zackconn44

    Dmx Issues

    so I just added a Antari Z380 fazed to a dmx chain that originated from a showbaby. Without the gazer in it it works properly but right when I add it the light after it in the chain begin to strive and move around. Is there a reason for this? I’m probably just going to add it to the end of the 9...
  3. W

    MAC 550 185 Degrees F???

    Hello all, this is a bit of a tricky one. I have a Mac 550 here that thinks its temperature sensor is reading 185 Degrees Fahrenheit and therefore shutting off 7 seconds after lamp on. So far I've replaced the thermo-sensor, Thermo-switch, separated the feedback cables form the main power by...
  4. bcronenwett

    Conventional Fixtures VL 3000/3500 Issues

    Hey there,Having an issue with a mover on my tour. It decided to stop working the other night. The only thing it wants to do now, after replacing the power supply, is turn on and back off repeatedly about 1 sec in between each.I've swapped all the major parts with new to try and sniff out...