1. lwinters630

    Jands profile help

    My church replaced the house lighting in our gym-atorium with 20 fixtures that have LED RED, GRN, BLU, AMB, WARM, COOL. We are using a Jands vista S1 control surface. The fixtures do not use intensity master, if red 0 to full then it is on. I do not have a profile that matches especially with...
  2. F

    Hog 1000 installation question

    I am a professional photographer skilling myself in the use of theatre lighting. I have 2 old Showtec 575S moving heads and 2 High end Intelibeam 700HX scansA Hog 1000 has been offered to me cheap but I am not sure if it can handle my lights standard. I owe a SGM Studio 24 which does not have...
  3. N

    Jands WMX Dimmers

    Hi everybody,I'm after some information regarding trimming dimmers. Is it possible to trim Jands WMX wallpack dimmers? We've got some lamps that glow dull when off and we just found a few that the curves are drastically different on. Any information would be greatly appreciated.Cheers, Nathan
  4. Gringo Steve

    Jands Talkback Station

    Does anyone have an older Jands belt pack laying around like the in in the attached pic? Am trying to repair a dead unit but there is one resister that is completely burnt out in the second pic that I need to identify.Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  5. A

    FREE Jands Vista Training at USITT

    Hi all!Just wanted to inform you that A.C. Lighting will be hosting free Jands Vista Console training at USITT. See below...Learn what world-renowned lighting designers and technicians already know - The Vista is a lighting console unlike any other you'll have seen.Its simple, visual...
  6. BransonC

    Patching Gobo Rotators

    Hey guys!I just received two new Rosco RevoPRO Dual Programmable Gobo Rotator They can be found here: http://us.rosco.com/en/product/revopro-dual-programmable-rotatorI am attempting to patch/program them into a JANDS CL Controller. However, I have not be successful.Any help or thoughts...
  7. Jayme McColgan

    Hog 1000 videos

    I just picked up a gig where I will be using a Hog1000. I can't seem to find anything other than the manual online. I haven't used a hog 1000 before and I need some refreshing on how the syntax and such works compared to other consoles.