1. ApolloDesign

    Have you heard...? Keystone Correction Gobos

    New and improved method of keystoning gobos. In this video Joel explains our keystoning methods and how they have improved to offer the best keystoning in the industry.
  2. E

    Turn off auto keystone on Espon 2165?

    Hi there, We have an Epson powerlite 2165 that we need to move a few times during a production. We use a/v mute and have it spiked so it rolls on and off stage to the same location each time we bring it back on again. I'd like to turn off the auto keystone or whatever feature is making it try...
  3. D

    Real Time Projection Keystoning Based on Location of Viewer

    Hello,I'm trying to find a way to correct the perspective of a projection which shows a room looking through the vantage point of a window. The viewers will be appx. 20' away from the screen and will be moving left to right. I would like to have the image account for the perspective change...
  4. S

    Multiple Projectors v. One Projector

    Thoughts on using multiple projectors to achieve a certain level of lumens, versus one projector?Projector A - 7k, lower contrast ration Projector B - 12k+, higher contract ratioIf I we're to overlay multiples of the 7k, would I actually achieve an equal or great lumen brightness? Would the...