kliegl bros

  1. Glossy Shines

    Kliegl Bros. Type SP Patch Panel

    Thanks for having me. I have been working in the local TV broadcast business for almost 20 years at stations in Western NY and North Carolina, before moving to Georgia.I work at a TV station that still has a Kliegl Bros Type SP patch panel in use. It is connected to a "newer" SmartFade ETC...
  2. EdSavoie

    Conventional Fixtures Old-school footlights

    Aside from being in slight disrepair, our footlights still work and the presumably mercury tilt switches are still there. That being said, one of the circuits (Down Stage Right foots) is doing something very strange. The lights are acting like they are being powered by a relay and turning full...
  3. E

    Vintage Lighting Can someone please tell me what light this is?

    I was hoping you could help me as to what I have here. I purchased it at a goodwill and cannot find much info on it online. The unit is approx 20" tall and is quite heavy. I'm not sure if it works because I have not plugged it in and although the bulb (which is very big btw) is not broken, it...