1. djripcord

    How do you mark your extension cords?

    How do you go about marking your extensions as your own without chopping off the plug, sliding on a heat shrink label, and putting a new plug on?I found these cable identifiers which seem to do the job perfectly, but they only go up to 3/8". I have a few heavy extensions that are larger in...
  2. J

    Quick VW2016 Question

    I've just created a Lighting Position from a lighting Pipe in Vectorworks 2016. I cannot seem to be able to edit the Labels font for this position. I can move the label around, but the font is too small, and the only options in the text style dropdown on the object info pallette are ft. size 10...
  3. NewProgrammer

    Labeling macro; Ion

    Hey guys! I'm programming a show where we are linking projections with an ETC Ion. I'm creating a ton of cues specific to projections, and as such have many cues to label "projections". Is there a way to set up a macro to fill the label in for me, so I don't have to type it out every time? I've...