1. P

    Labeling Mic Elements

    Hi all,I am curious of your opinions about the best way to label lav elements. I purchased some new Countryman B3 elements and I want to tag them with a number (1, 2, etc.) as well as something that identifies them as our school's property. I thought maybe writing on a Hellermann sleeve with...
  2. A

    Labeling Rep Multi Drops

    Hey everyone, I'm wanting to relabel my multi drops in my venue to make it easier for myself and crew to look at on the plot instead of just a string of numbers. Also, so I can say "Grab "(Label)" and run it SL" instead of "Grab "531-536 and run it SL"I was thinking just using letters, but I...
  3. stagebuilder

    Gel File Folder Labeling Software?

    Does anyone know of an existing file folder labeling software to label gel file folders? Don't want to use P-Touch, too much wasted tape. There must be some software that can be customized or something specific to the entertainment world?