1. H

    Over-Lamping Dimmer Packs

    Hey all, So I am doing a show and have ran into a a bit of an issue. The fixtures I am wanting to use have 2000 watt lamps. The dimmer packs I am using are 600 Watts. Can I use these dimmer packs with these lights, I can’t figure out if the lights will just use less than 100 percent, or if it...
  2. techietim

    Storage of Lamps and Lampholders

    Hey folks,So, recently I have produced 20x lamp holders on 5M of cable (with a 15A plug) and an E27 lampholder on the end. These are designed for use in a production we are running in early June.Now that they are all produced, I need some of your thoughts on the best way to store the units...
  3. Stevens R. Miller

    Three-letter Codes on Ushio Lamps?

    We pulled these dead lamps from our instruments last night. All have three-letter codes on them. The Osram code, "EHG," was easy to look up. But we can't find anything on the Ushio codes of "PRJ" or "PSB."Anyone know what they mean?
  4. NickVon

    LE 4 ch Striplight lamps

    So I have 6 LE (Lighting Electronics) 4 ch strip lights. Their old, and I'd love some PUNCHY LED strips, but i'm not unhappy with these units. As they actually do a great job for the distance they have to work with from our cyc. I have 3 units top, and 3 that sit bottom. The bottoms units...