1. J

    How to use laptop for sound

    I ran sound from MacBook Air’s headphone jack (to XLR into mixer) at a high school theater and it sounded awful.What do I need between the computer and the mixer? Am I looking for an “external sound card”? “Pre-amp”? “DAC”? And if so, what specs do I need to meet to do well in a medium-sized...
  2. EWCguy

    Fried computer - why??

    This situation has got us boggled. For many years, we've connected a laptop 3.5mm headphone jack via Whirlwind pcDI through the built-in mic jack/cables to our analog audio console to provide audio from the laptop to the house. The connection is always the same and never uses phantom power. This...
  3. W

    PC Consoles/Off-Line New CPU or More Memory?

    Hello all,I am looking for advice/opinions/experience with using PC Consoles and off line editors. I am not the most computer savory but I am not uninformed if that makes any sense.Currently I have only Apple/Mac computers and I would like to be able to run and use off line editors and PC...