1. DannyDepac

    Microphones Using a camera lav transmitter for stage mic? Sennheiser

    Hi GuysI was randomly given two Sennheiser eW100 G2 mic packs without the receiver. The person who gave them to me claims their friend gave them to them and they have no background info on them.I thought it was two mic packs but then I started to look and realized one doesn't have a mute...
  2. nick_fouts

    Sennheiser Mic Maintenance

    We have 12 Sennheiser ew300 G3 lapel mic systems that we use twice yearly for high school musical productions. We take generally good care of them, but since I have taken over technical direction a few years ago, we have not really cleaned the mic packs or ME-2 mics much, as nobody ever taught...
  3. G

    Shure Body Mics

    I am working with my school to purchase some body mics for future events. The school came back with the Shure ULXS 14/85 or the Shure ULXS 124/85-J1.Does anyone have experience with the 14/85 body mics? If so, what are your reviews?
  4. Rod Reilly

    Bodymics for bodymics, hairline-wig, lavalier and headset mics

    Just joined. I asked a new client last night where he got my name, and he told me Control Booth. Figured I had better check things out.Our goal is to meet the needs of the wireless microphone users in theatre/theater with mic elements, transmitter belts, production hangers, antenna systems...