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    Addressing DMX to SPI Decoder (Alitove SP201E)

    Hi folks,I'm attempting to control a string of LED pixel lights via DMX and an ETC console. The decoder we purchased is the Alitove SP201E, which should be compatible with both the WS2811 chips in the lights and regular ol' DMX. The manual leaves much to be desired. Reviewers on Amazon say...
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    Control/Dimming LED Decoders stops working until turned off and on again. We're all stumped.

    Hi everyone,We are using some LTech DMX512 24 Channel decoders (http://www.ltechonline.com/html/en/LED-Controller/DMX-RDM-Controller/DMX-PWM-CV-type/LT-880.html) in one of our shows and we're having a strange problem with them. Every so often (but way too often) we need to turn them off and...