led downlight

  1. Dsmagnussen

    LEDs-leave on or turn off?

    Hey all, We are just getting our first set or LED wash fixtures in our plot. Martin Rush Par 2 Zoom. I have surge protection on each circuit, but no simple way to turn them off at the end of the night. we looked into the ETC relays, but can't swing the cash after the layout for the Martins...
  2. dreamist

    Conventional Fixtures Suggestions for theatrical LED downlight (nonmoving)

    Hey gang!My venue is an old barn theatre which seats 348. Grid height (top of the joists) is right about 15', so the throw tends to be about 14' or so shooting straight down.I've been using some cheap China movers (360w RGBW zoomable) for the last few seasons, and I think I've determined...