led lighting

  1. stagebuilder

    LED Strip Light / DMX Setup Questions

    Hello All, Hoping there is a DMX helper out there. I have 6 Pixelstorm 240's I'm setting up for a cyc wash. The DMX is being sent over a pair of Show Baby 8s. My questions are these: 1) The manual says to power the units off of a switched circuit, not a dimmer or rheostat. I presume I need to...
  2. H

    LED Lighting Questions: will these work in our new space?

    Dear CB Gurus: I really need your help. I'm living in Ethiopia so my voltage is 220. I've been asked to offer input on a small assembly area (150 seats) which will serve as an indoor performance space. I know enough to know that I don't really know enough to know if these suggestions are...