led lighting

  1. R

    Are Theatrical Relays Really Necessary In LED Based Systems

    This may be obvious to some, but I've been working on theatre lights since the '70s and it's not obvious to me. If you upgrade and install a full LED based lighting system in a theatre, I know the instruments want continuous AC power. The common way I've seen this done is to install theatrical...
  2. stagebuilder

    LED Strip Light / DMX Setup Questions

    Hello All, Hoping there is a DMX helper out there. I have 6 Pixelstorm 240's I'm setting up for a cyc wash. The DMX is being sent over a pair of Show Baby 8s. My questions are these: 1) The manual says to power the units off of a switched circuit, not a dimmer or rheostat. I presume I need to...
  3. H

    LED Lighting Questions: will these work in our new space?

    Dear CB Gurus: I really need your help. I'm living in Ethiopia so my voltage is 220. I've been asked to offer input on a small assembly area (150 seats) which will serve as an indoor performance space. I know enough to know that I don't really know enough to know if these suggestions are...