led par

  1. blallik

    Prost Uberpar?

    Anyone have experience with the Prost Uberpar? Guy at KPODJ says no downside to using these vs. American DJ 12P Hex Par, similar price and much more light, but I haven't seen any reviews of the equipment (this is for a high school stage).Parent company is Ape Labs out of Germany, but these are...
  2. Joshua Hoffman

    Need profile for ADJ inno pocket z4

    Hey guys, Does anyone have a profile for the ADJ Inno Pocket Z4 for ETC EOS? I realize it is a relatively new fixture but I just wanted to ask. Thanks, Joshua
  3. Jammer

    Key Lights for Mobile Rig

    I run a mobile sound and light rig and up to now have been using a typical LED DJ PAR light for key lights on the bands. Throw distance varies, but usually relatively short, max:14 - 16 feet high and only about 6 feet out in front of the band so steep angle. 13 feet high and out 45 degrees...