led strip lights

  1. S

    seeking Chauvet Colorado Batten 144 Tour (pre-owned or new)

    Hello all,We’re looking to purchase pre-owned or new Chauvet Colorado Batten 144 Tour lights – if anyone is looking to sell their inventory, please contact me to further discuss.Thank you and best regards,Julie H. SetboniProbe Multilingual Solutions, Inc.Tel. 212-489-6035
  2. stagebuilder

    LED Cyclorama Question--What's your opinion?

    At the high school I TD at we have a concrete curved cyc. It's not an extremely tight curve, but still too curved to put a cyc back drop up flat...I will lose too much stage space then. I'm looking at putting in a capital improvement request for some LED cyc units, looking at the Chroma Q Color...