led strip

  1. worldjoe

    Converting SMD5050 RGB+ header analog to DMX or other systems

    Technical problem: I have almost a dozen light shows written specifically for an old Procyon Mind Machine, that is no longer manufactured. The Procyon just outputs to SMD5050 LED strips, which have RGB+ headers. I'm trying to save myself from having to re-write the light shows to a modern...
  2. stagebuilder

    LED Strip Light / DMX Setup Questions

    Hello All, Hoping there is a DMX helper out there. I have 6 Pixelstorm 240's I'm setting up for a cyc wash. The DMX is being sent over a pair of Show Baby 8s. My questions are these: 1) The manual says to power the units off of a switched circuit, not a dimmer or rheostat. I presume I need to...
  3. C

    ColorBlaze72 Single Color Flashing Cell Problem

    We're in tech for a show and have ColorBlaze 72 LED strip lights both in the air and on the groundrows. We've been having a problem with certain fixtures, in that a random cell in the fixture the blue LEDs will flash every so often. The cell is always random, but the color is always blue.My...
  4. ledstixx

    Design LED Strip Advice?

    Hi, I'm trying to find high output RGB LED Strip. I will use that from back of white soft plexiglass. Do you have any recommendation?Thanks...