led tape

  1. H

    Accidental Pixel tape?

    Found this on Amazon- thought it was cheep RGB LED tape, but when I went to hook it up to DMX decoder for control I realized something was off. Couldn't figure out why it seemed to have an extra lead (should have been 3 color/4 wires- but it has 5), and plugging into a decoder did nothing...
  2. J

    City Theatrical Webinar 05: QolorFLEX Multiverse Wireless DMX Dimmers, presented by John Demous

    Presented by John DemousJune 4 | WEBINAR 05: QolorFLEX Multiverse Dimmers This webinar will explore wireless dimming and we'll show you how the QolorFLEX® 5x2.5A Multiverse Dimmer sets up and operates. We well as teach you about another even smaller dimmer for props and costumes, our...
  3. Palms

    RGB LED Tape DMX decoder wiring

    Hi all,I have a DMX decoder for RGB LED tape and I want to wire it up for use on a show. Its clear how the tape gets wired in but I have got a bit confused on how the power supply hooks up. There is an in for the power input clearly marked but then there is also another 'V- V-' terminal that...
  4. P

    LED Tape with Blue and White dim

    Hello all,I have LED tape that is functioning and programable but the blue and white colors are significantly dimmer than the red or green or any color mixing options. I have tried switching decoders and switching the leads on the wiring but still the blue and white are dim. Any suggestions...
  5. mrtrudeau23

    Best Way to Mount LED Tape?

    We do a lot of LED tape install on our various sets, and we always question the best way to attach the tape to the scenery/prop/etc. We've used runs of velcro, packing tape over it and stapled down, hot glue, double sided tape, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting about. A lot of the time we are...
  6. L

    RGBW LED tape > from remote to DMX (?)

    I'm working on a show where the company has LED tape (RGBW), controlled via remote. I believe it is or is similar to Illume Lighting 196 in. Color Changing RGB Kit with Plug In Driver and Color Changing Remote As I want to control said LED tape from the light board I'm trying to figure out the...
  7. tdtastic

    Dimming LED Tape ???

    Without getting into the quantum physics of why LED's are (but aren't really) dimmable, what are my options for dimming about 30' of LED tape? Plugging a power supply into a D-20 is preposterous, right? Do I need a DMX driver for the tape string? Help! Product links would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Tesla3

    QolorFLEX™ 4x2.5A Dimmer connectivity issues

    Hello all!So I'm working on controling 24v RGBA LED tape with the qolorflex Neo dimmers. I'm running two 12 volt batteries in series to it, my show ID matches my show baby, I'm addressed properly, my Dimming curve is that of LED's, AND my board patch is right. When I power up my qolorflex, my...
  9. T

    Looking for Non-Flickering LED Tape solution

    Every month, my Church puts on large scale events, each month themed differently. This challenges me to not always have the same lighting design as the month before it. My first idea is to create a box with LED tape inside and have it powered through a driver so I can control it from my console...
  10. ledstixx

    Design Issues and Solutions LED Strip Advice?

    Hi, I'm trying to find high output RGB LED Strip. I will use that from back of white soft plexiglass. Do you have any recommendation?Thanks...
  11. StephIsabel

    Running Cat5 directly into Ion

    Hi all,I have a very low-end LED controller with Cat5 ports that I am trying to run directly into an ETC Ion. I can't seem to make the light board see the controller, although the controller claims it can go directly into any DMX control system. I have tried all of the deep settings in the...