1. Rose03

    The Perfect Mover?

    Excuse the dumb question but, are there any moving lights with RGBW color mixing and shutters in the same fixture? Our venue is looking at buying a few movers. Last year we rented a High End Solaframe 750 which was great apart from the CMY mixing and CTO.
  2. P

    LED Tape with Blue and White dim

    Hello all, I have LED tape that is functioning and programable but the blue and white colors are significantly dimmer than the red or green or any color mixing options. I have tried switching decoders and switching the leads on the wiring but still the blue and white are dim. Any suggestions...
  3. Smatticus

    Focusing Source Four LED Ellipsoidals

    So I'm focusing my first rig consisting of LED ellipsoidals for the area front lights and I'm noticing an interesting artifact that I'm not used to with incandescent ellipsoidals. The LED elllipsoidals are Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr+ with EDLT tubes. Each individual beam field appears to be...
  4. JD

    Design Issues and Solutions Why Gel and RGB light? Here's why

    This video looks at the radical difference between color adjusting an RGB light vs setting it to white and gelling it. It's not a short video, but it is worth watching!
  5. Palms

    Budget LED Pars Recommendations

    Hello! Just had my design budget slashed due to a set overspend and so now I'm on the hunt for 9 budget LED pars that will take DMX control. I need them ideally to be RGBW, have strobe capability and be under £150/$180. If they had custom accessories like hats or barn doors that would also...
  6. mrtrudeau23

    Best Way to Mount LED Tape?

    We do a lot of LED tape install on our various sets, and we always question the best way to attach the tape to the scenery/prop/etc. We've used runs of velcro, packing tape over it and stapled down, hot glue, double sided tape, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting about. A lot of the time we are...
  7. David Lam

    Looking for recommendations for Static wash lights

    I am in the market for some static LED wash lights for our theater. My grid is at 13'8" and looking to cover an area approx. 30' wide with 5 fixtures. I think I need something between 20-30 degrees. I am hoping you all might have some thoughts on what will provide the brightest most vivid...
  8. IanTech

    S4 Series 2 Lustr vs Ovation E-910FC

    Has anyone compared these fixtures? Any thoughts? I was thinking about purchasing a mix of them as I hear the Ovations have more saturated colors. I was thinking Ovations for high sides, back lighting, some front lighting and for the stage wash Source Four Series 2 Lustrs. I know buying...
  9. V

    Birthday Cake Candles LED

    Hey Folks, I am mounting the show Crimes of the Heart and have just been told (the week before tech) that open flame will not be allowed without a fire-watch from the local FD (I should have known this, but hoped the College had an internal training). The scene "requires" that 30 birthday...
  10. IanTech

    LED Stage Wash good-to-knows...

    Alright, we've decided to go with LED Source Fours or a similar fixture. Is there anything we should pay attention to? Series 2 Lustr or Daylight HD or Tungsten HD or a mix? Any other Source Four LED alternatives? Should we swap out existing lens tubes? How many of each degree of tubes is...
  11. IanTech

    Replacing ERS Lekos with Moving Fixtures

    A local venue I work at has pondered replacing all ERS (front lighting) Lekos (currently conventional Source Fours) with LED Moving Heads. Obviously doing a 1:1 swap would be insanely expensive. But if we replaced our stage wash with say 4 or 5 Ayrton Ghiblis on each batten. They believe that...
  12. kh-nv

    Mini-Strip MR16 LED replacements?

    Hello; anyone out there ever tried replacing MR16's (EYC) in their L&E Mini-Strips? We're currently researching the best way to get life out of the units - the sockets seem pitted since on a weekly basis we're either losing a unit to burn out or just charred pins; not sure an LED would solve the...
  13. A

    LED Tape pulsating

    Hey everyone, I'm having an issue with some LED tape. I have a billboard in a show I'm working on. There are 4 lights at the bottom. Inside the housings are 2 runs of LED tape. RGBW 12v, and tunable white 24v. I have Environmental Lights DMX decoders for them all. They have DMX down to the...
  14. M

    Moving Light Spreadsheet/Catalog

    A little data base of mostly LED movers I've been making for myself for some time: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L6OvISKP9gDXWKORqukHEzNQSeiBq4C56kcnkLEAXro/edit?usp=sharing Also includes LED fallow spots and static framing profile fixtures. Feel free to post corrections or requests...
  15. Mark Wenderlich

    LEDs too Bright

    We recently build a new performing arts center and went all LED. One of my biggest issues is complaints from the dancers that the LED's are just too bright. They can't see. The issue is mainly with the ETC Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr units with the enhanced definition lens system and the...
  16. NickVon

    Metal Halide to LED fixture replacement

    We are doing some renovations in our building and are looking to replace our Existing mismatched metal halide fixtures/lamps. We have 12, that we use as generic "non-show" Houselights/Worklights. We tried a "corn cob" style LED lamp replacement (Ballast Bypass) on a single fixture the active...
  17. OscarMelectrified

    LED House Lighting Upgrades

    Hello everyone I am here to ask anyone who has had an experience upgrading their House Lighting from Unison/Lutron systems using fluorescent tubes into an LED based house lighting. There is a potential upgrade for next year and I want to know more about the various systems there are nowadays. I...
  18. TuckerD

    Spitfire Creative Tech. (tvOne) acquires Green Hippo

  19. TuckerD

    Resources about Color Science / Color Management

    Hi all! I was debating posting this in multimedia but I figured that it would get more attention here. I work in color science / color management of LED display technologies. I've been asked several times over the last year for a list of reading materials / books / links / etc... that some one...
  20. D

    Design Issues and Solutions LED tube diffusion material

    I have a number of clear CK color cove LED tubes on a show and am looking to wrap them in a material for more of a visible solid tube of light effect (so it looks more like a fluorescent tube or those frosted LED pixel tubes) rather than being able to see the individual emitters and was...