1. tdtastic

    Wireless Dimming LED's inside prop

    Working on a new futuristic play that calls for several props and one costume piece to have LED indicator lights that turn on and off at scripted times throughout the play. I could get away with a simpler actor-controlled setup for one of the props. But ultimately I'd love wireless DMX control...
  2. H

    LED Follow spot recommendations

    I might be in the market for a couple of new follow spots. I've been looking into the LED options and was possibly looking at the Altman AFS 700. A friend has recommended the Lycian Superstar 600. My throw is a tick over 100 feet. Thoughts? Other suggestions?
  3. Mistermon

    Printed pattern projection through LED SRC4

    Hello CB, I have an odd question which I think will require some trial and error, but wanted to ask the group if anyone had any experience in what I'm considering.Background: Years ago I was able to rent some lekos (Selecon Acclaim, I think) that had the light source 90degrees from the lens...
  4. jcslighting

    Best Diffusion for Elation Sixpar 300

    I'm looking for suggestions for an upcoming show - so excited to have one, an upcoming show that is! The space has a compliment of Elation Sixpar 300 fixtures hung from a fixed truss over the dance floor but for this show we are building a stage extension over that dance floor that will raise...
  5. C

    Seeking advice on new LED Cyc lights

    Hey all, I'm looking to update our cyc lights to LEDs and wanted to seek advice. We have a 50'x14' cyc (low ceiling), limited channel capacity, and limited budget. I am fine with strip lights, but have not found any great products. All of ETC's are too expensive, and won't be able to make the...
  6. dvsDave

    USITT - [email protected] - Mixing different LED color systems in a single lighting rig

    Webinar description: Fixture manufacturers have developed LED Color mixing systems that utilize various combinations of LEDs including RGB, RGBA, RGBW, RGBL, RGBAL, RGBAW, RGBAWUv, or even White LEDs using subtractive CMY systems. Ford Sellers (Sr Product Manager for Chauvet Professional) talks...
  7. Mike52

    Automated Fixtures LED Movers - Purchase Advice

    Hey all, sorry for yet another post on movers. We are picking up 11-13 new profiles and I am looking for experiences/advice with any of the following.Martin - ERA 600 Profile Martin - MAC Quantum - We have used and they are solid fixtures, but no CTO or shutters make them less desirable...
  8. hnorth561

    LED RGB downlights Ethernet

    I was in building that was purchased by a church, there is a large auditorium upstairs that was being converted into a night club before they bought it but they went bankrupt and couldn’t finish it, downstairs there was a functioning night club but it had closed for renovations. They have...
  9. Graham Darnell

    LED vs Conventional

    Hi Everyone, I am currently writing an essay on why LED Lighting fixtures will eventually become the standard in the lighting industry. I am looking for sources for my essay and have found a couple but wanted to see what the community might have. If you have any research or sources that speaks...
  10. Palms

    RGB LED Tape DMX decoder wiring

    Hi all,I have a DMX decoder for RGB LED tape and I want to wire it up for use on a show. Its clear how the tape gets wired in but I have got a bit confused on how the power supply hooks up. There is an in for the power input clearly marked but then there is also another 'V- V-' terminal that...
  11. N

    Are you using the ETC Releve Spot? Would you buy it again?

    I am suggesting some lights to update a small theatre and as much as I want to like the Releve, it seems hard to believe it will be very useful given its low brightness.The type of theatre is exactly what seems to be the market for this fixture, but looking at ETC's own photometrics app it is...
  12. Rose03

    The Perfect Mover?

    Excuse the dumb question but, are there any moving lights with RGBW color mixing and shutters in the same fixture? Our venue is looking at buying a few movers. Last year we rented a High End Solaframe 750 which was great apart from the CMY mixing and CTO.
  13. P

    LED Tape with Blue and White dim

    Hello all,I have LED tape that is functioning and programable but the blue and white colors are significantly dimmer than the red or green or any color mixing options. I have tried switching decoders and switching the leads on the wiring but still the blue and white are dim. Any suggestions...
  14. Smatticus

    Focusing Source Four LED Ellipsoidals

    So I'm focusing my first rig consisting of LED ellipsoidals for the area front lights and I'm noticing an interesting artifact that I'm not used to with incandescent ellipsoidals. The LED elllipsoidals are Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr+ with EDLT tubes. Each individual beam field appears to be...
  15. JD

    Design Issues and Solutions Why Gel and RGB light? Here's why

    This video looks at the radical difference between color adjusting an RGB light vs setting it to white and gelling it. It's not a short video, but it is worth watching!
  16. Palms

    Budget LED Pars Recommendations

    Hello!Just had my design budget slashed due to a set overspend and so now I'm on the hunt for 9 budget LED pars that will take DMX control.I need them ideally to be RGBW, have strobe capability and be under £150/$180. If they had custom accessories like hats or barn doors that would also...
  17. mrtrudeau23

    Best Way to Mount LED Tape?

    We do a lot of LED tape install on our various sets, and we always question the best way to attach the tape to the scenery/prop/etc. We've used runs of velcro, packing tape over it and stapled down, hot glue, double sided tape, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting about. A lot of the time we are...
  18. David Lam

    Looking for recommendations for Static wash lights

    I am in the market for some static LED wash lights for our theater. My grid is at 13'8" and looking to cover an area approx. 30' wide with 5 fixtures. I think I need something between 20-30 degrees. I am hoping you all might have some thoughts on what will provide the brightest most vivid...
  19. IanTech

    S4 Series 2 Lustr vs Ovation E-910FC

    Has anyone compared these fixtures? Any thoughts? I was thinking about purchasing a mix of them as I hear the Ovations have more saturated colors. I was thinking Ovations for high sides, back lighting, some front lighting and for the stage wash Source Four Series 2 Lustrs.I know buying...
  20. V

    Birthday Cake Candles LED

    Hey Folks, I am mounting the show Crimes of the Heart and have just been told (the week before tech) that open flame will not be allowed without a fire-watch from the local FD (I should have known this, but hoped the College had an internal training). The scene "requires" that 30 birthday...