1. A

    Controlling LED strip with dmx

    Hi everyone! I'm an undergrad trying to light a ~13ft light box with LED strip lights. We've been trying to figure out how to control them with our ETC Ion board. We don't know exactly what materials we need other than the board, strip lights, and dmx box. Also, if its possible, we also wanted...
  2. J

    Minimum PWM Frequency to Avoid LED Video Flicker.

    Anybody have thoughts on the minimum PWM dimming frequency an LED light needs to have to avoid on camera flickering? I've heard answers ranging from 1000 to 3000 as well as 20 times the frame rate. The question is in regards to the Martin rush par which has a PWM frequency of 2000 hz. Using a...
  3. A

    LED Wash Suggestions

    I'm currently looking for some LED wash fixtures with a zoom feature. Being in a thrust theatre our trim height is 22'. I've looked at the Rogue R1 washes, but they dont seem to give the footcandles we need (Min 100 @ 20'). We're looking not to spend over $1000 per fixture. Any suggestions would...
  4. barrigan

    Automated Fixtures Blizzard Stilletto Z6 "Blinking" problem

    Hey, anyone have any luck fixing a "blinking" problem with a Blizzard Stilletto Z6? It seems that whenever I'm using the color mix to make something with red in it, the fixture will either completely blink or just tremble without any way of predicting how long or when it will change the...
  5. Dsmagnussen

    LEDs-leave on or turn off?

    Hey all, We are just getting our first set or LED wash fixtures in our plot. Martin Rush Par 2 Zoom. I have surge protection on each circuit, but no simple way to turn them off at the end of the night. we looked into the ETC relays, but can't swing the cash after the layout for the Martins...
  6. I

    Elation Fuze Par Z120 IP color issues

    Hey all, I know that these fixtures are quite new and I can't find any info on them yet so I thought I would post here and see if the CB hive mind could help. I have six Elation Fuze Par Pro z120s that are IP rated for outdoor use, as we are an outdoor theater. They are addressed to 50, 60...
  7. Smatticus

    Control/Dimming Solais LR38 LED Retrofit with ETC Sensor CEM Classic

    Has anyone out there run into the Solais LR38 dimmable LED lamp? A high school I work at just replaced all of the incandescent lamps in the house light fixtures with these LED lamps. The fixtures are fed by ETC D20 Sensor dimmers controlled by a CEM Classic (five fixtures per dimmer). No...
  8. S

    Automated Fixtures ColorKinetic TR4 connector?

    Anybody know what kind of connector this is? This is from the PCB of a TR4 ColorKinetic Striplight. Thanks!
  9. MusicMej

    Flameless Match?

    Help! I need to replicate lighting matches and having them burn out for a show. We can't use actual matches due to fire code restrictions (no budging on this--it's for competition). I'm a complete newby to special effects/electrical/LED stuff, but have some smart students/parents that can...
  10. T

    Automated Fixtures Quiet Moving Head LED fixtures

    I work in a 110 seat black box which produces intimate theater in thrust or arena staging. Since the "grid" is about 14' off the deck, the noise from dimmers that are currently in the air is sometimes distracting. So we are looking to upgrade to LED fixtures so we are not using these dimmers. I...
  11. S

    Multiplex and DMX at the same time

    Hello and greetings from Hot Springs, AR. I have a technical question that is a little out of my wheelhouse. I currently operate the audio booth at our local theater and recently our lighting system has been on the fritz, it only about 20 years old. I am pushing that we go to LED lighting since...
  12. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: Dimming with LED fixtures

    Join our European Product Manager Sam Bowden as he takes us through the intricacies of combining of 16 bit dimming and dimming curves.
  13. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Ovation E-190WW User Manual Rev. 8

    Powered by 19 10-watt LEDs, Ovation E-190WW delivers an excellent white light with a warm color temperature, a beautiful flat field and high CRI for truer color rendering. It also features standard beam shaping shutters, a gobo/effect slot and lens barrels that are interchangeable with other...
  14. Swade White

    Elation EPAR QA LED Flickering

    Our school has a couple of these LED's and they are connected through DMX along with 4 VL2500 movers. Every few minutes, the LED's flash white for about a tenth of a second and then go back to normal for a few minutes until they do it again. They do the same thing even if the intensity is at 0%...
  15. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional COLORado 1 Quad Zoom User Manual Rev. 1

    COLORado 1-Quad Zoom is an excellent indoor/outdoor wash light with seven Osram RGBW LEDs delivering big time power from a compact, yet solid housing. It maintains its IP65 rating with IP rated DMX cables, but standard 5-pin XLR DMX cables work perfectly for indoor use. A 13° to 45° zoom gives...
  16. Hanthorn

    LED House light control

    I am looking to install some LED retrofits in the house lighting at my theater, has anyone tied or know how to get DMX/ArtNET/sACN to control ZigBee devices (the LED house lights) I am looking at the Sylvainia Lightify product line. Thanks in advanced!
  17. G

    etc Luster 2, what should I know?

    Dear lighting guys and gals, My humble theatre just purchased 8 new ETC Source 4 Luster 2. Yay for us. We currently use an ETC Ion for our board and while we do have some LEDs (PL series 1 cyc lights) but this is a big step forward for us. Does anyone have an advice about these fixtures? We...
  18. D

    LED House Lights Not dimming

    So my theatre installed a bunch of LED house lights 0-10V 1% dimming and gave me a few ELV10 dimmer modules and said it should work fine. Well surprise they don't dim. any ideas? The link to the units we have are below We are running 3 ETC sensor3 racks...
  19. EdSavoie

    CD80-AE and Dimmable LEDs

    We have this Bulletproof CD80 Advanced Electronics Rack filled with the 2.4KW modules, and life is just dandy. Travel to a few years ago and part of an "eco friendly" initiative has our house lights replaced with LEDs. I'm sure most of you can see where this is going now, but the LEDs aren't...
  20. T

    Intensity effects on Incandescent Edison vs. LED edison bulbs

    Recently, our next event was going to be based around stranger things. Loved the show and since it has become a smash hit, why not pull some ideas from them. We have a ton of incandescent Edison bulbs in our stage design and I am afraid to run any type of intensity effects on them in fear of...