1. T

    Looking for Non-Flickering LED Tape solution

    Every month, my Church puts on large scale events, each month themed differently. This challenges me to not always have the same lighting design as the month before it. My first idea is to create a box with LED tape inside and have it powered through a driver so I can control it from my console...
  2. C

    How do I turn LED lights into wash lights?

    I was wondering what frost is best for spreading the LED beam. We want to hang Chroma-Q Colour Force 72 LED lights vertically behind chloroplast sheets. The beam angle is approximately 23 degrees and we want to diffuse it to approximately 60-70 degrees using a frost. What frost would you...
  3. Brad.O

    Control/Dimming Converting EDI SPI Q-2 dimmer module to constant power

    We have a need to convert a few channels of our existing dimmer-per-circuit installation into constant power to support LED and ML loads. Wondering if anyone has the circuit diagrams for a Q-2 module - we'd likely only be converting 1 of the 4 channels in the module as we want to distribute the...
  4. T

    Need recommendations for space upgrade

    I am now looking to find some affordable lighting fixtures for a venue that can hold around 500/600 people. We have a 7x3 schedule 40 pipe grid that we can move anything around that reaches about 12 ft high. Our fixtures are either European fixtures that would normally require transformers and...
  5. T

    Changing out transformer in EU fixtures

    Recently, my pastor asked me to find a solution to the lighting we have at our church. For years we have owned around 20 Stairville 252 Led bars. Some have seen worse days as they sit in disrepair, but that is besides the fact. I have been told that I can simply swap out the 230v 50hz...
  6. bcronenwett

    Color Force Issues

    Hey all, I have a Color Force 72 that's has had a few card issues. The fixture will default to Amber on certain cards while the fixture is idle and continue to hold Amber even while receiving Dmx values without Amber. We have replaced the cards and that fixes the issues temporarily, but then...
  7. Graham Zellers

    Design Issues and Solutions Need Wiring LED Help

    Hello all, My theatre has decided to put up a show in which there is a ton of individual LEDs and LED tape needed within our scenery and needs to be DMX-controllable. I am not exactly sure where to begin though I know we will have a 15' by 30' wall that breaks into 5 sections (for wall moving...
  8. bmcewing

    LED spot/profile recommendations

    Hello, I am currently halfway through upgrading my venue's lighting stock which consisted of strand 2k alto fresnels/profiles and 24 1k pars. Our strand 530i has been replaced with a grandma2 ultra light with additional touchscreen and fader wing. FOH: 6 b-eye k10s, 8 robe dl4s. On stage: 12...
  9. finnb5

    Design Issues and Solutions DIY LED Adventure

    Hello! (See below for a TL;DR) I am a high school student, and I do lighting design for my school. Needless to say, the budget is a little bit tight for our theatre, despite the sports facilities being renovated every year...but that's none of my business. We have a wonderful ETC board which...
  10. CameronLD

    Control/Dimming Help With Various DMX Issues

    Hey all, I am a young LD designing for a production of Grease this summer in a very small space. As such, I have decided I would like to use some of the scrollers the theatre company I am working with owns, as well as rent/buy some gobo rotators...
  11. Matt Davidson

    Any LED Floods recommedations?

    The Osram Kreios is a pretty awesome looking light and I'm sure is on the top end of the LED flood/work spectrum but the 250-300 dollar price tag on them is pretty steep. Has anyone been playing with some of the cheaper models that they would recommend? I know you get what you pay for and all...
  12. P

    Replacing specific 200w R7s halogens with LEDs

    Firstly, hello! I'm a keen hobbyist, who got roped into pantomime lighting and sound for an amateur group 3 years ago and caught the lighting bug! Our small setup consists of a lighting bar with 6 fixtures near the front of the house. These have now been successfully switched to basic rgbw dmx...
  13. S

    Control/Dimming Switch on lights from switch or DB ?

    Hi Guys! Just a question! Im currently doing lightings in a church installation setting. Basically, i currently switch on the lights via the normal wall switches or power iso. I also have access to the power db. So which do you guys normally use? I would prefer the db as i feel that the wall...
  14. D

    Control/Dimming DMX controller that is capable of pulsing in milliseconds

    Hi, I am new to this page but it seems like the right place to get my questions answered... I need a DMX controller that is capable of pulsing in milliseconds. I need to pulse LEDs at the same on-off frequency, so nothing complicated but I need a device and a piece of code that will allow me to...
  15. E

    LED retrofit option

    Considering these for a retrofit- would be exciting if we didn't have to completely change out all of our existing fixtures. http://rledlighting.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/RLED_CutSheet_SD1.pdf has anyone had any prior experience with these they'd like to share?
  16. jcslighting

    Followspot Suggestion Help

    I have been asked by a local venue to recommend a suitable followspot for their events. Here are some thoughts I had - I would like some feedback or suggestions on which direction to go for the best overall result. 1. The venue is in a converted Wal-mart building - approx. 18' ceiling with...
  17. S

    Control/Dimming Adding LED Instrument to Existing Lighting Rig

    Hello all, I am working in a space that has two portable 12-dimmer racks and I am trying to add an LED luminaire to the system. Control: I am using a computer program called Isadora, which I know quite well, and my Macbook Pro instead of the tiny control console that is in the space. I am...
  18. C

    Control/Dimming Converting To LED

    Hello everyone, I apologize if this has been posted elsewhere, I have looked and have not been able to find anything. So, an area high school brought me in to look at upgrading their system. For dimmers, they have two Leprecon MX-1200's. As of lighting fixtures, they have a couple of 360Q's in...
  19. Seth Morrison

    Automated Fixtures Chroma-Q Color Force 72 LED Strip

    So, my venue is having issues with our LED strips (Color Force 72) glitching and losing controllability. We open thurday, and already have sent two units out for repair for the same issue. So far, nobody has any clue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a link to a video...
  20. Joshua Hoffman

    Need profile for ADJ inno pocket z4

    Hey guys, Does anyone have a profile for the ADJ Inno Pocket Z4 for ETC EOS? I realize it is a relatively new fixture but I just wanted to ask. Thanks, Joshua