1. DannyDepac

    School Light Bar Colored Lens Replacement?

    Hi Everyone,I work at a HS and our Stage lighting is not exactly "New"We have three LARGE light bars above our stage that have red white (clear) and blue glass lenses. Over the years a decent amount of those lenses have disappeared. I don't even know the correct name of the light bars let...
  2. NeroCaesar

    Altman Spectra Strip and Lens Spread

    Hello I am looking at buy some LED Spectra Strips and wanted to get the SPectraCube Lens Spread but there are options.The question is, does any one know if the lens spreads are like Silk and go left right or like frost and spread 360?I am using them for up light on my vinyl Cyc and trying to...
  3. S

    Where to get lens parts for my light project?

    I'm currently working on a project where I'm making a diy spotlight. I have all the necessary elements i need except the lens. I'm having a hard time finding lenses that have the right diameter and focal length on the web. Does anybody know a website or a place where i could find specific lens...