1. Walnut

    Leprecon ULD 360 Dimming issue

    Hi All,I am having an odd problem with my Leprecon. My space uses 2 ULD 360 Leprecons to pump my dimmer count up to 42. These have been here since before i began this job 4 years ago and I am not sure when they were actually manufactured. the leprecon in question was purchased about 6 years...
  2. kh-nv

    LEPRECON LP-1524

    Help... Just picked up a Leprecon 1524 on eBay without a power supply (as it was listed).Leprecon has one more in stock, but it's $90.Wondering if anyone out there has one (mfg part # 27-0069) they're willing to part with or better yet if anyone knows what other types of power supplies or...
  3. beescores

    Dimmer Electricity "bleed"

    I'm not sure what else to call it but after literal hours of Google I just have no clue. Any tips would be appreciated! -- I have a 6-channel Leprecon LD 360 DMX dimmer pack with 4 fresnels and 2 practicals (normal lamp bulbs) hooked in. They all run correctly and independently on the channels...
  4. Nic Carter

    Troubleshooting a Leprecon 1548

    We have an old Leprecon 1548 which when you switch it on all the LEDs light up but it never boots, it would seem that the processor isn't getting power. Any thoughts?
  5. Rose03

    Convert DMX to 10v analog

    I recently started working at one of the few remaining outposts of 0-10v analog dimmer control. The desk is a grumpy old Leprecon 624. I would like to use ETC Nomad or some other DMX control so the question is: is there a way to convert DMX to 10v analog on a budget?
  6. D

    Multiple Wireless DMX protocol transmitter?

    Maybe I'm just daydreaming here...Is there a product out there that outputs on multiple Wireless DMX bands? Something that can talk both to CRMX units and W-DMX units? Or is this not feasible?
  7. D

    Leprecon LD-360 and ETC ION

    I am setting up a small plot for a show coming up and I am trying to use a Leprecon LD-360 6ch Dimmer with my ETC ION. The problem I am having is that while the indicator on the Dimmer shows that it is getting good DMX it will not turn any lights on. Am I missing something?
  8. Harrison

    MIDI SysEx w/ Leprecon console and QLab

    I’m working on a small middle school production, and my plan was to use Qlab as a show control device. I would be running projections, sound cues and lighting cues from my Macbook Pro, eliminating the need for multiple computers and operators. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting the...
  9. C

    Control/Dimming Converting To LED

    Hello everyone,I apologize if this has been posted elsewhere, I have looked and have not been able to find anything.So, an area high school brought me in to look at upgrading their system. For dimmers, they have two Leprecon MX-1200's. As of lighting fixtures, they have a couple of 360Q's in...