1. Drafty App

    Design Issues and Solutions Coronavirus Support for the lighting Industry

    Hey Controlbooth!As the global impact of CoViD-19 and the resulting closure of public spaces around the world has severely impacted the entertainment industry, we have done everything possible as a small business to support our industry. As an on-line web-based service, many students who are...
  2. Techie93

    Fog Machine Fluid

    i have an old moonlight super fogger machine. I can’t find what type of fluid it needs. My question is. If I can’t find it. What can I use as a substitute ?
  3. C

    Painting Lighting Fixtures

    Hi! I am in possession of a bunch of white LED wash pars, all of which will be visible in the next production. What is the best way to paint them black? Since they are LED's will they need a high temp paint? Preferably a spray paint.Thanks in advance!
  4. tdtastic

    Mirror Ball Query

    Ok kids,I'ts time for that age-old question: GLASS mirror balls or PLASTIC mirror balls? Which kind of balls do you prefer???Have an option for a 20" plastic model for under $80. The glass version is over $230! The plastic ball is much lighter, which will be easier for us to hang in what...
  5. R

    Starting New: LED + R/T + Board

    HiI am trying to put together lighting for an auditorium at a church. What would you recommend for lighting equipment, given we are not sophisticated users, but would like a good lighting system which can last for some time.Preference is wireless, we have Cat5/Cat6, but it will be...
  6. N

    Zigbee Control

    I am brand new to lighting design, and humbly beg forgiveness for my ignorance:Using a number of Philips Hue smart bulbs (wifi/zigbee), and hoping to get as much functionality/responsiveness out of them as possible. Is there an app or program more theatrically inclined than iConnectHue...
  7. S

    Lightwright 6 Address Format won't change to Absolute

    I am having an issue with Lightwright 6 and changing the Address format to Absolute. I know I have been able to do it in the past, but recently the function has ceased to work. I go to "Setup" > "Address Format" > "Absolute", and nothing changes; it stays in Universe format. When I choose...
  8. Kyle McAnally

    Conventional Fixtures Axial Strand 6x12s

    Hey All,So I've got two different Strand 6x12s, one marked 6x12L with a slightly longer body and one marked as a normal 6x12. Do these fixtures have different photometrics? Just trying to wrap my head around how to use these best but can't find any documentation. Any info documents would be...