lighting board

  1. R


    Hello everyone! I am a fairly new technical director with no previous knowledge of the theater I’m working in, or the equipment they have. I have two lighting trees with four Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus dimmers each. I’m trying to connect them by DMX cables to an ETC Express Board. The Mega TRIPAR...
  2. Aidan Spelbring

    Control/Dimming Monitor for 24 Slider ETC Smartfade??

    I am wondering if it would be helpful or useful to attach a monitor to the console? I’ve never used a monitor with a light board before, but we want to have presets so that we can simply hit a button to change scenes.
  3. A

    ETC Express 24/28 Problems

    Hello everyone! I am a student at a not so fortunate public high school. We have the ETC Express 24/48 and it's nearing its final moments. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how I can hopefully get this working.So, it's been probably around a month since the board was used and today I...
  4. Stevens R. Miller

    Which Lighting Console is this?

    Okay, I'm on a roll today getting answers to my dumb questions here, so here's another: Anyone recognize this desk?