lighting control

  1. B

    Circa 1910 Light Board, Tabor Opera House, Leadville, CO

    Hi all, been lurking a while and finally created an account to show these really cool lighting controls!The docent who sent the images said they're circa 1910s-1920s. These are still functional. People occasionally use them to show that they work, and wear thick insulating gloves when they do...
  2. B

    Control/Dimming Ion Classic or Ion XE

    I am in my first year as the theatre and performance manager for a rural school district. The previous theatre manager was a big sound guy, so I have a lot of sound equipment that is rarely used but is of very high quality. However, the theatre in the High School is still using an ETC Express...
  3. Gage

    Control/Dimming New (to me) EDI Scrimmer II dimmer packs

    I recently bought 3 EDI Scrimmer II dimmer packs from an auction and had a few questions and curiosities. There are two 6k 6 channel units, and one 6k 12 channel unit, the 12 channel unit doesn't have a panel in the front to configure the pack for single or three-phase. The manual isn't much...
  4. Aidan Spelbring

    Control/Dimming Monitor for 24 Slider ETC Smartfade??

    I am wondering if it would be helpful or useful to attach a monitor to the console? I’ve never used a monitor with a light board before, but we want to have presets so that we can simply hit a button to change scenes.
  5. Stuart R

    Need to buy or build a rolling "tech booth"

    Greetings all -Scene: School "cafetorium" with no booth, and no ability build/install anything permanent (i.e. it's a working cafeteria!)Need: A rolling "tech booth" that can accommodate our lighting and sound ops and their equipment. I'm imagining a table on locking casters, with 50% of the...