lighting designer

  1. Kyla Werrett

    Bi-directional Engagement

    Learn about the Five Benefits of Color in the House of Worship MarketNorth America, February 28, 2023 – A church service that invites active participation rather than passive observation and envelops the congregation in a community is much more engaging and energizing. Colored, dynamic...
  2. Kyla Werrett

    Color is the New Stained Glass

    Learn about the Five Benefits of Color in the House of Worship Market Stained glass is a classic means of telling a story or depicting a scene. One of the most breathtaking examples is in Barcelona, Spain, at the Basílica de la Sagrada Familia designed by Antoni Gaudi in 1883. On a clear day...
  3. Kyla Werrett

    Non-Church-Related Events

    Learn about the Five Benefits of Color in the House of Worship Market North America, February 9, 2023 – Hosting community events outside of normal church activities is a good way to raise your profile in the community and increase traffic through your facilities. Events like holiday...
  4. Kyla Werrett

    Experiential and Emotionally Connective Music

    Learn about the Five Benefits of Color in the House of Worship MarketNorth America, February 2, 2023 – Music evokes emotion, and lighting can enhance or heighten the visceral response to music. This is one area where color theory can help. Color can be used to symbolize a “mood” or an emotion...
  5. Kyla Werrett

    Storytelling – The Spoken Word

    Learn about the Five Benefits of Color in the House of Worship Market North America, January 26, 2023 – Creating a uniform wash of tunable white light across a large platform that is accurately repeatable is very important for focusing attention on the platform in houses of worship. Tunable...
  6. Kyla Werrett

    Five Benefits of Immersive Color

    Learn about the benefits of Color in the House of Worship Market North America, January 19, 2023 – Color plays an important role in human cognition, as artists have recognized it for thousands of years. It can also be a valuable tool in houses of worship. It can help capture and direct people’s...
  7. tdtastic

    Which came first - the light plot or the run-through???

    Do you wait to put your light plot in the air only after a lighting designer can see a run-through of the show? Or do you ask your LD's to design a plot for the set design, not the blocking, and get lights in the air before a set goes up?For years, our theatre company has waited until a few...
  8. Jordan Street

    Design Lee 600 Arctic White and other newer Lee Designer Series colors.

    I've been LD and TD for an annual children's dance production of a Nutcracker variation for 10 years now. I haven't really changed the color from my original design but a lot of it is starting to burn out. I was initially just going to replace the color but decided I wanted to lighten up the key...
  9. Conner Jones

    Checking in from St.Louis, Hello!

    Hello everyone,I am an undergraduate studying theatrical lighting design. I graduate in a couple semesters and so I am getting on here to hopefully gain some advice from industry veterans about what to do with my career moving forward. Also I am on here to ask questions when I inevitably get...
  10. scparker

    Tipton, Binkley, Holder, Pilbrow. Jan 14th in NYC

    Greetings, Thrilled to announce that Tony Award Winners Don Holder, Jennifer Tipton, and Howell Binkley will be discussing lighting design at our annual lighting workshop on Jan. 14th at NYU in NYC. Richard Pilbrow will join us and talk about his My Fair Lady and the history of lighting...
  11. R

    Lighting Pallets and Making Programing Quicker

    Hello all,I am a freelance lighting designer and I work on several different consoles depending on availability at the venue, mostly the ETC Ion. I currently own an ETC Expression 3 (I know...I need to catch up with the time. Not very helpful when it comes to movers and leds) paired with...
  12. S

    3D Visualizer (Capture, Wysiwyg, LD Assistant)

    I am looking to use a different visualizer. I used to use Martin Show Designer but I can't stand it anymore. I have been looking a Wysiwig ,LD Assistant, and Capture mainly because of their capabilities to do the special effects. I work heavily with special effects on top of my lighting so that...
  13. Brianna Perry

    Design HS Student needing help w/ my plot

    Hi, I have a competition coming up in a few weeks and I ran into an issue making my plot. Our strip lights use the Altman 5 5/8" roundels. I don't know how I would label those colors on my plot. Would it just be "BLU, RED, CLR, GRN..." or is there a proper way to specify? Please help! Thanks.
  14. Drafty App

    Introducing Drafty

    Greetings!I've been developing a new cloud based CAD tool for lighting, sound, and projection designers. We are currently in Beta with a scheduled launch date of January 25th.I am hoping to truly serve the entertainment industry. As such Drafty has been built from the ground up to be fast...
  15. L

    How are Lighting Designers for Ballet Hired?

    I am interested in working with dance productions, but am unsure how to go about it. Do dance companies employ lighting designers or are they contracted through a production company? Is it more like concert lighting where the light board operator, designer, and electrician are the same person...
  16. R

    Good grief

    Hi I'm fairly new here I've been lurking a little and finally decided to join. I am a young designer with a b.f.a in theatre with a contraction in lighting design. I guess my grief is where I am it's hard to get a lead designer gig because of my age. Why is it so hard to give the rookie a...