lighting problems

  1. K

    Control/Dimming Simple lighting!? Limited resources...

    Hey! I'm in the process of planning our annual youth camp. We are stepping it up a notch this year and adding some real stage lighting instead of just the rear house lights turned on/off between the worship set and speaker. We currently have some large and small par cans that were donated. They...
  2. D

    ETCnomad and submasters

    If I have the ETCnomad can i hook up and ETC 48/96 to be used as a submaster wing?
  3. R

    Lighting Pallets and Making Programing Quicker

    Hello all,I am a freelance lighting designer and I work on several different consoles depending on availability at the venue, mostly the ETC Ion. I currently own an ETC Expression 3 (I know...I need to catch up with the time. Not very helpful when it comes to movers and leds) paired with...
  4. W

    Multiplex replacement board

    Hi,We currently have a multiplex system at my venue, but we are in need of a replacement board. Is there nay suggestions for a good 24 channel board? We would need a 3 pin output. Thanks!
  5. Elias Padilla

    Stage Tech help?

    Hello, I am a 16 year old living in Southern California, and I could really use help. I am planning on either helping direct, or directing a show in a theatre very close to me. The theatre is what some people I know would call, a bare theatre. The theatre is actually an auditorium, and has no...
  6. T

    ETC Ion flash drive problems?

    So we've now had a problem twice where when we inserted a thumb drive into our Ion that has a copy of the show that is also on the board (although not the most up-to-date copy), it messes with the cues that are on board. Has anyone else encountered this problem?