1. Matt Davidson

    Automated Fixtures Used R2 vs RX1

    I know the R2's are brighter but I'm not sure how many hours are on the used batch I'm looking at. From what I've read both lights are well regarded and people that purchase them are usually very happy. I guess my question is should I risk the condition of the R2's and possible hours on them...
  2. A

    ETC Express 24/28 Problems

    Hello everyone! I am a student at a not so fortunate public high school. We have the ETC Express 24/48 and it's nearing its final moments. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how I can hopefully get this working. So, it's been probably around a month since the board was used and today I...
  3. D

    Multiple Wireless DMX protocol transmitter?

    Maybe I'm just daydreaming here... Is there a product out there that outputs on multiple Wireless DMX bands? Something that can talk both to CRMX units and W-DMX units? Or is this not feasible?
  4. jfleenor

    Introducing the model 1212-DIN DMX/RDM splitter from Doug Fleenor Design!

    The 1212 splitter is now shipping! For additional product information and full model numbers visit: The compact design, surface mount pc board components, and simplified assembly procedure allow us to offer this new splitter at a cost lower than our premium...
  5. Mel Williams

    Purchasing Used Equipment

    Hi all, What are your thoughts on buying used equipment rather than brand new? What are some reliable places to buy used equipment? Poor public high school here, and we are desperate.
  6. Mel Williams

    Cost Effective Options for New Cyc Lights

    Hi all! High school theater has been given $10 - 12k to upgrade a few lights. Doesn't seem like a lot of money but at the moment the only (barely) working equipment we have are 12 Par64s and 3 8 inch Fresnels. From our POV it makes most sense to buy some LED cyc lights since that's the...
  7. Luna1968

    Budget Lighting for a quick fix

    This sounds like a terrible question... I have struggled to get funding for lights for our auditorium for years. We don't have any real existing lighting, other than a handful of old PARs. Now, suddenly I have a $100-$200 for a light board. Now, I know that is not a lot of money, but is there...
  8. J

    Design Issues and Solutions Lighting Cinderella's Mom's Voice

    Hey everyone- long time stalker and forum peruser (and many thanks across the board as I've found helpful solutions for many many projects over the years). I'm a Lighting Designer by degree, a Technical Director by job and a Scenic Designer by default. And a first time question asker. I'm at a...
  9. A

    Shadow-box Like Illumination with scrim ?

    Hello, I am a part of high school theater company and we are putting on a production of Still Life with Iris by Steven Dietz. In this play, there are numerous moments where the main character recalls a still life image and a smaller version needs to be seen by the audience. We have created a...
  10. ademhayyu1

    Removing Duck Tape off of lighting cables

    Evening everyone, While I was looking for lighting extension cables today, I found some cables that had a ridiculously, massive, and completely unnecessary amount of duct tape on them. I cannot express how wild that cable was. Fortunately, I found some clean cables I used instead. If there's...
  11. Kyle Wurtz

    Electrician's and Carpenter's Gloves

    Hi everyone! This my first time posting so bear with me. I'm a college freshmen lighting designer who had been working in theatre since freshmen year high school. But now that I'm freelancing over the summer I'm starting to buy a lot of my own gear to take to load-ins and things of the like...
  12. ademhayyu1


    Greetings fellow technicians, My name is Adem Hayyu and I am a junior at Franklin High School in Seattle, WA. I joined tech theater in my sophomore year and I did sound for my very first play, Ain't She Sweet. I wasn't very good even after a lot of video tutorials and outside help. The spring...
  13. a.jenner

    Twister Tempest Domes Weep Hole Drill

    Hey guys, We are installing some Twister domes base up, and the manual says to use 'included tapered acrylic drill bits' to drill weep holes on the lowest point. Would anyone happen to know what the specs of these bits are? Of course we either misplaced ours or never got them. I am chatting...
  14. A

    Lighting Cue List

    Hello, I am going to be programming a light show for an event later this March, I only will have the fixtures for 1 week (we are renting) but it is going to be a very complex show for me (6 Moving Head fixtures, 2 Foggers, and numerous LEDs), i will have to make various effects and so on. I...
  15. H

    High End Color Pro Classic

    Hi All, I recently acquired a number of color pro classic fixtures. These are the old ones that used 3 MR-16 lamps. The only way I currently have to control them is with the proprietary controller that came with them. However from what I can gather online from others, and from the High End...
  16. A

    How to find funding?

    As many know, funding coming from a school district is few and far between it seems sometimes often with the arts falling by the wayside (as it is in my school district) We recently did a capital project renovation (which didnt turn out very well) and my thoughts were "if the district isnt...
  17. burgherandfries

    L&E Cyc Lights

    Hey everyone, Kelly Strayhorn Theater in Pittsburgh, PA is selling older cyc units after a recent LED replacement. We have 27 three-bay L&E runts with yokes, clamps, gel frames, etc and 9 three-bay L&E broadcycs with floor bases, gel frames etc. Both types are stage-pin tail. Hoping to get...
  18. lightingjada

    Suggestions for designing a lighting control system

    Hi Everyone I've designed lighting plan for a sport stadium but would like some advice on lighting control system for installation. I have no knowledge/real world experience regarding lighting control equipment but I've looked some resources regarding DMX-RDM, Art-Net & Wi-Fi. From all I've...
  19. A

    Controlling LED strip with dmx

    Hi everyone! I'm an undergrad trying to light a ~13ft light box with LED strip lights. We've been trying to figure out how to control them with our ETC Ion board. We don't know exactly what materials we need other than the board, strip lights, and dmx box. Also, if its possible, we also wanted...
  20. Chuck Reece

    Source4 Bench Focus Cross-threaded

    Hi All, We just did our first lighting maintenance week in a couple of (o.k. 5, don't get me started) years, and we came across 4 or 5 Source 4 (1999 model) units that the bench nut for centering the lamp would not budge. In trying, we broke off the plastic thumb tabs, and now we can't even...