1. James (JT)

    Wood beam Rigging

    Hi All, Lately my small but growing AV firm has been doing some intro budget galas at some revamped factory event spaces. In almost every case, the client wants some sophisticated short term lighting. These spaces have (12") wood beams and wood 2x12" rafter ceilings. Lately light trees are not...
  2. F

    Difficulty with scrollers

    Hi, I’m using an ETC Element and Apollo Smart Color 7.25 scrollers. I created a new show file, and somehow messed up the patches for all of our scrollers. Our system contains numerous show plots, and the color palettes in all of them have been deleted. I made new color palettes based on record...
  3. theview

    High School High School students designing lights

    Hello all. I am the Technical Theater Director/Stagecraft Teacher for a private K-12 School. In my lighting unit I have begun making students create a light show, along to some music for their final lighting assignment. We are working off of an ION, and so far it has seemed to work pretty well...
  4. A

    Control/Dimming ETC Express Cue Faders

    I can't seem to find replacement cue faders for ETC's Express console (not the knobs) so if anybody knows where to find those let me know If I just took two channel faders would that work? Thank you, Alex
  5. J

    Seeking tips to add efficiency to my lighting, sound, props and paint.

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be doing a presentation on "Efficiency in Tech" at a local teachers conference to try and provide fellow teachers with tips, tricks, strategies and products to help them more efficiently run their classes, shops, and productions. The main topics that my section of the...
  6. FxDrew

    The "Goto Show Channel" Podcast is coming online

    Hi Everyone! I'm Drew Atienza, a working professional in Media Servers and my co-host is Tom Huston, a lighting designer and 3D/previz specialist. We are excited to announce that we are starting a podcast called "Goto Show Channel" where we will discuss both emerging technologies and...
  7. Aaron Peavey

    Control/Dimming LED lights flicker randomly when used in an effect: ETC CS Console

    The show i am providing lighting for calls for 6 LB Par Hex fixtures from Blizzard Lighting for color above the stage. I am controlling them all separately on an ETC Colorsource console. When I run the rainbow effect with any speed and a fan of about 30, some of the lights will flicker off...
  8. mikeydoesstuff

    TW1 repair

    Hey friends, I took over repairing a TW1 and the two fuse boards were separated without labeling. Can anyone shoot me a photo of the top board put together properly, or a wiring diagram if you have one? All my others are on the road so I dont have one on hand for reference. Thanks
  9. W

    Hello All! + Martin MAC Woes

    Hello all! I'm a new member to Control Booth but have been visiting the site for years researching issues and dilemmas. I'm currently dealing with some pesky Martin MAC 575 Krypton's that are having HOT and LERR errors. Just wondering what anyone's thoughts might be. It only seems to happen...
  10. baileypl

    Control/Dimming ETC Element - How do I open the color picker?

    Hi controlbooth community! This is a basic question, but how do I change the color of lights with the color picker. I found a few solutions; (ML controls, Add-a-Tab (the {+} sign) and select the Color Picker) please let me know what I should do. (The console is the ETC Element 60 500 (Eos...
  11. Jeffry Garcia

    Hello from Corona, CA

    Hello everyone! Jeffry here from Corona, CA. I just recently got into the Audio, Video & Lighting industry and it's great to have a resource in case I ever get stuck! I'm better at understanding the pro audio/video side of installs & products, but when it comes to lighting I'm admittedly a bit...
  12. AEilering

    Hog console troubles

    Just over a year ago, my work (large church, seats 3,000) ordered a RoadHog 4 console to replace our ETC express and LightJockey. For the most part, it has been a decent console. Easy to learn and operate, but it has come with some difficulties. On average, the board will glitch multiple times...
  13. Robert Rivera

    Automated Fixtures Address Chauvet Rogue Fixtures

    I have 12 Chauvet rogue 2 spots and 12 r2 washes. I have two dmx universes in my etc ion but these fixtures only address up to one universe (512). What can I do to address these past 512.
  14. C

    Falling Effect w/ Lighting

    I am doing a musical where an actor is to be thrown off a building. My director would rather not have the actor actually fall. I'm asking if anyone has any ideas on how to make someone look like they are falling from a 12' platform with lighting effects instead of actually falling.
  15. Adam Brunetti

    Design Issues and Solutions High School Lighting Upgrade

    Hi all, I have been asked to create a few proposals to present to the local school department to upgrade the lighting in the auditorium of the high school that I do some freelance work for in Rhode Island. Looking to make 3 different proposals- bare bones, standard, and a dream list. Looking for...
  16. NCS

    Glad to find this site

    Hello, I am new to this site; I stumbled onto it through a search for college programs. I am a junior in HS and have been involved in tech theatre for 3 years. I am the lighting director for the drama club and I am also a musician. I would love to combine my love of lighting and music and...
  17. NCS

    Career in Concert Lighting

    I am a junior in HS and have been involved in tech theatre. I am the lighting director for the drama club and I am also a musician. I would love to combine my love of lighting and music and eventually become a lighting designer for concerts. I am currently looking at colleges and am wondering...
  18. J

    Lighting Through Soft Flats

    I am currently designing a set for "The Drowsy Chaperone." Using fabric flats, and LED Pars from behind i would like to create the effect of having painted walls turn in to colored windows. My Idea is to custom build soft flats using medium wight Muslin, then on the backside make french window...
  19. EHansenLX

    ETC Express & Moving Lights

    So I'm renting 2 Martin Mac 700 Profiles for an upcoming show and I was figuring on renting an Element as my control console. However, most of what I'm doing will be fairly simple and I'm wondering if just working with the Express 48/96 we already have would be sufficient. Anybody have any...
  20. EHansenLX

    Hanging Automated Fixtures Question

    So I'm doing a show in a couple months and I'm trying to come up with a good way to hang 2 Martin Mac 700 Profiles. We have 3 catwalks above the house (see attached diagram for more detail). My plan is to hang the fixtures between the 1st and 2nd catwalk by hanging them on 1.5" Steel Pipe that...