1. A

    Lycian SuperArc 400 dimness

    I'm at a venue at the moment that has two Lycian SuperArc 400 - Short throw follow spots. One spot is perfectly bright when it's on low-range and the lowest setting. The other spot is significantly dimmer when it's on High-range on setting 6. We've changed the lamp again and again and it is...
  2. TheTheaterGeek

    Design Issues and Solutions Midi Clock for Actors Onstage

    Im looking for a way to display the midi clock to the actors onstage. Any solutions? Clay
  3. Dshoklighting

    MSC: Ion controlling Qlab 3

    Hello interwebs! Working with a projection designer right now and having issues with our MSC setup. I did this a few months ago and stupidly decided not to write anything down. Running on the latest software in both Ion and Qlab 3, but cant seem to get the Midi to connect. I've run through...
  4. J

    New to Lighting

    Hi all! I'm setting up our light plot from a university designer for our spring musical this year. I've had experience with our ION board, using conventionals as well as intelligent lighting (DMX). The problem I have when circuiting a plot, I'm not too sure how to figure out how many of an...

    Drivable Man-Lift on Sprung Floor Under 2000lbs?

    Hi Everyone, We have run into a weight issue trying to purchase a new man-lift to be used on our sprung stage at The Grand Theatre in Kingston, Ontario. We are currently using a push-around vertical mast lift which weights around 905 lbs without an operator (19' platform height), the lift we...
  6. W

    Design Issues and Solutions Looking for insight and recommendations!

    Title says most of it. I need opinions and ideas for an upcoming show I am doing. The name of the show is Shamrock Showcase. Basically the idea of the show is a bunch of Frats and Sororities on my campus are coming together to have a large dance show. Here is a preview of my idea so far...
  7. W

    Multiplex replacement board

    Hi, We currently have a multiplex system at my venue, but we are in need of a replacement board. Is there nay suggestions for a good 24 channel board? We would need a 3 pin output. Thanks!
  8. Silicon_Knight

    Makeup lights for touring show (compact and on the cheap)

    I am part of a production team (Tech Manager) with my church (i.e. budget constrained) and we take a full musical on the road each summer as our youth choir tour. This includes a full live orchestra, the actors/singers, tech crew, etc. (all staffed by the youth) where we perform nightly shows...
  9. Joshua Hoffman

    Tagging Lights

    Does anyone have a good suggestion for how to tag lights with focus, channel, dimmer, and other necessary materials? I need something that is durable, but not flammable because these are lights we are talking about. Thanks, Joshua
  10. E

    Passerelle edge lighting

    Hey y'all! Alright so the theater I work in is a high school. In our theater we have a passarelle (spelling?). We've always used rope lights to line the edge of the passarelle plugged straight into a dimmer channel (they need to be dimmable and controlled from the lighting desk). However every...
  11. EHansenLX

    Control/Dimming DMX Help

    Hi: I'm relatively new to all this DMX stuff and I was hoping to get some help on a set-up I was planning. We have an ETC Express 48/96 that will be doing all the DMX control. We are hanging two I-Cue systems with a DMX Iris in each (on a S4). We will also have 8 color scrollers on some...
  12. NateJanota

    Learning Networking

    So I confess- I learned just enough Computer Engineering in college to be dangerous. Count the two years since I was a student and I really am barely even that anymore. This means my understanding of networking is shameful, at best, and a hindrance to my workplace (theme parks prefer networked...
  13. jimonlight

    Are YOU Teaching Relevant Lighting?

    Hey, lighting teachers: Are YOU teaching your students relevant lighting? Teaching is not just fundamental, it’s imperative to our industry. If you get pissed off reading this, it’s meant for you. What your anger means is that you’re guilty. This can be fixed though, you CAN be an efficient...
  14. C

    Small Space Large Screen Help

    I run a touring company that takes programs to schools, community centers, libraries, and theaters around the country. We have a new production coming up we are hoping to use with projections. My limitations are...screen size is 90" high by 120" wide (so a 150" diagonal)..we don't always have...
  15. Drafty App

    Introducing Drafty

    Greetings! I've been developing a new cloud based CAD tool for lighting, sound, and projection designers. We are currently in Beta with a scheduled launch date of January 25th. I am hoping to truly serve the entertainment industry. As such Drafty has been built from the ground up to be fast...
  16. scparker

    Lighting and Sound Workshops in NYC on Jan 9 & 10

    Greetings All, With Dave's kind permission I share this info about Stage Lighting Super Saturday and Stage Sound Super Sunday in NYC. For full details including list of speakers, workshop schedule, sponsors, etc., visit Bonus for CB Members. $50 off registration. Use code...
  17. HothIsCold

    Wild Website goose chase...

    Helloo! During my first year of teaching, I stumbled across this website that had a digital 3D lighting model. Without purchasing anything, you could manipulate this 3D male form, and experiment with lighting from different angles and with different colors. I was hoping to find this website...
  18. Elias Padilla

    Stage Tech help?

    Hello, I am a 16 year old living in Southern California, and I could really use help. I am planning on either helping direct, or directing a show in a theatre very close to me. The theatre is what some people I know would call, a bare theatre. The theatre is actually an auditorium, and has no...
  19. EHansenLX

    Chauvet Mini Strobe LED Question

    Hi all: I'm lighting a dance show in a few weeks and they need strobe lights for a couple numbers. The stage is pretty large (55' long by 43'5" deep and 31ish feet tall - although the front is a thrust) Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had any experience with the Chauvet Mini Strobe LED. Do...
  20. EHansenLX

    Shrek Magic Mirror Projections

    Hi, I'm currently working on a production of Shrek The Musical and I'm in charge of all of the projections. The show involves the use of the magic mirror which is a mirror that flies in and we project a floating mask that talks on to it (if that makes any sense). The image should hopefully...