1. Dragonfire

    Any experience working with Grace Lite Isis 575's before?

    Have a friend who's looking for some basic movers for his house parties and found these being offered at $45 apiece. Can't really find info on them so I'm wondering if anybody is familiar with them and might be able to advise? Is this a good price or are they really not worth any amount of money?
  2. J

    Label for lights on battens

    Hello,We are working on a complete overhaul of our lighting system in the coming year and are wanting to place permanent label on our house electrics. We are wanting to include fixture type DMX address CH# and likely which circuit they will be in. We have used gaff in the past but that fades...
  3. E

    Intelligent lights randomly shut off.

    Last summer my theatre purchased two Chauvet R3 Spot intel lights. They are connected to Showbaby wireless dmx and are powered by parked dimmers. During the past two productions of our musical, part way through the show they failed to turn on. I have had trouble figuring out if it’s the light...
  4. ademhayyu1

    Advice for Purchasing Moving Lights

    (Apologies, moderators, if this is the wrong section to ask this question.)Hello,I am the Senior Lighting Director for my high school and I am in charge of designing the technical and artistic aspects of the school's fall play and spring musical. As well as other productions and events.I...
  5. lwinters630

    Lights to put in steps for a show?

    I am trying to get a similar look with the lights in the steps. They can chase individually or by rows at different rates so I'm guessing DMX. Any suggestions?
  6. S

    seeking Chauvet Colorado Batten 144 Tour (pre-owned or new)

    Hello all,We’re looking to purchase pre-owned or new Chauvet Colorado Batten 144 Tour lights – if anyone is looking to sell their inventory, please contact me to further discuss.Thank you and best regards,Julie H. SetboniProbe Multilingual Solutions, Inc.Tel. 212-489-6035
  7. A

    Controlling LED strip with dmx

    Hi everyone! I'm an undergrad trying to light a ~13ft light box with LED strip lights. We've been trying to figure out how to control them with our ETC Ion board. We don't know exactly what materials we need other than the board, strip lights, and dmx box. Also, if its possible, we also wanted...
  8. Paul Hannah

    Which new lighting rig?

    I am an admin of a theatre group and my experience is in building the sets and props, so this is new territory for me.I have around $10,000 to spend on a basic theatrical lighting rig. The theatre is a standard proscenium with a raised stage and couple of bars, two over stage, one in front...
  9. Mark Warner

    Steps to take for contracted work

    I'm the Technical Director at an SPT that has a youth program that tours throughout the state and helps local schools without theatre programs. One of these schools recently approached me about about consulting with them on getting new lights and sound for their theatre (gymatorium). I...
  10. James (JT)

    Wood beam Rigging

    Hi All, Lately my small but growing AV firm has been doing some intro budget galas at some revamped factory event spaces. In almost every case, the client wants some sophisticated short term lighting. These spaces have (12") wood beams and wood 2x12" rafter ceilings. Lately light trees are not...
  11. Joshua Hoffman

    Frozen: Live at the Hyperion Followspot Effect

    Disney recently opened a Frozen musical at their Disneyland park to amazing reviews and crazy cool special effects. Just in this show they use projections, flying, tons of automation, video walls, lifts, puppets, animation, and so much more. It is truly beautiful. In case you haven't seen it...
  12. finnb5

    Design DIY LED Adventure

    Hello! (See below for a TL;DR)I am a high school student, and I do lighting design for my school. Needless to say, the budget is a little bit tight for our theatre, despite the sports facilities being renovated every year...but that's none of my business. We have a wonderful ETC board which...
  13. J

    Lights keep blowing

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you could help me with an issue I have with my lights system.For the past several months I've had an issue where the breakers on our Leprecon dimmers keep flipping. in addition to this the bulbs themselves ( standard 575 watt bulbs ) would blow. We thought it...
  14. Rachel S

    MIDI cable

    Hello, Question about Midi. Some of the stuff I've read suggest that MIDI starts to loose its integrity. I need a 200ft run to connect a drum set to my ETC Ion. Any suggestions on how to help maintain integrity?
  15. H

    Electronics Diversified House Light System

    Hey everybody, so we've been experiencing this problem for years now, we're finally looking at solving it. We have a Electronics Diversified mark vii dimmer rack which also includes our house lights, they use the same dimmers as our other lights. However there is a special input for house light...
  16. W

    Multiplex replacement board

    Hi,We currently have a multiplex system at my venue, but we are in need of a replacement board. Is there nay suggestions for a good 24 channel board? We would need a 3 pin output. Thanks!
  17. Joshua Hoffman

    Cheap Gobo Projector

    Does anybody know of a gobo projector sub $75? I can't seem to find any decent ones.
  18. Joshua Hoffman

    MyDMX and QLab

    Hello All, I am using MyDMX 2.0 to run the lights to a project I am working on. On the same computer, I also need to run Q lab for a few sound effect. Is there a way that I can make a QLab cue trigger MyDMX so I am not switching between applications? Thanks in advance, Joshua(BTW I am running...
  19. T

    Help with cheap solution

    I am adviser to a club that does performances in a classroom sizes space. Suddenly the theatre dept. (of which I am a member) pulled support of equipment for the club which they have been using the last 5 years (and taking care of) . I have to come up with a board and some instruments for this...