long cable run

  1. Paige Borak

    Power to LEDs and movers in dimmer-heavy space

    I’m working in a theatre that has a million dimmers in the grid, but of course we’re using 12 ETC D40s, 10 Lustrs and 2 MK2 movers. I’ve found 3 blocks of 4 wall outlets on the floor of the space, which’ll require at least a 50’ extension cable to put the power where I need it.Should I run 12...
  2. A

    VENUE- ThinPar 64

    Has anyone had experience using Venue ThinPar 64s? For a show we are using about 26 in one DMX line with some other fixtures (movers, geyser fog machines) and all our other fixtures work great but the LEDs just don't seem to want to work right... Incorrect channels will turn on lights, some...
  3. voztimbrada

    Best Method? - Long Cable Run via Thunderbolt - Matrox Triple Head

    Hello All,All you video folks out there, I could sure use some advice on this. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.I'm doing a video projector install in a theater soon, and I know there are a number of different ways I can wire this set up. I'm just trying to figure out the best way...