luminex level 1 training

  1. Kyla Werrett

    A.C. Lighting Inc. hosts Training during LDI

    Luminex, Vista by Chroma-Q, Color Immersion for the Worship Experience North America, October 26, 2023 – A.C. Lighting Inc., distributor of world-class lighting and rigging technologies, is excited to participate in the LDInstitute and LDInnovation Conference. This year, we have three training...
  2. Kyla Werrett

    Luminex Level 1 Training During LDIInstitute

    Join Benjamin Wahiche as he leads Luminex Level 1 TrainingNorth America, September 27, 2023 – Luminex Network Intelligence, in partnership with A.C. Lighting Inc., is excited to participate in the LDIInstitute with Luminex’s Level 1 Training program.Join Benjamin Wahiche, Application...