1. H

    Followspot recommendations?

    I know there are a couple old posts about this, but I am looking for more up to date info, and to be honest I'd really love to hear about what companies/products people have had good, long term experiences with rather than hearsay. I am in the market for new followspots. The throw from the the...
  2. HLlovesPyroLX

    Trouble with Lycian Superstar 1275

    Hey there Lampies, So I have a pair of Lycian Superstar 1275 spots in my theatre. I have NO idea how old they are but the they are in pretty good shape. Until recently. One of them has started having a flicker and loss of output with in the last few months. It only happens once in awhile...
  3. A

    Lycian SuperArc 400 dimness

    I'm at a venue at the moment that has two Lycian SuperArc 400 - Short throw follow spots. One spot is perfectly bright when it's on low-range and the lowest setting. The other spot is significantly dimmer when it's on High-range on setting 6. We've changed the lamp again and again and it is...