1. JD

    Lycian 1209 575 HMI Low usage (37 hours)

    Finally fully retiring! This spot is in very good shape, 37 hours of use. $2,200 Full information and pictures are here: Lycian HP 1209 Followspot Philadelphia area (pickup only) zip- 19454
  2. B

    Followspot color frames for tour

    Need to pickup some more followspot frames for a tour. However, the question has come up if the Lycian 9” color frames are the same/interchangeable as the Super trouper frames? Can anyone clarify this before we order the wrong thing?
  3. R

    Lycian Follow Spot Model 1238 Not Working

    I’m a high school student with a show less than a week out, and one of my spots stopped working. We replaced the bulb and checked the outlet it was plugged into to make sure it worked, but no luck. It won’t turn on. Does anyone know what I can do to fix it?
  4. H

    Followspot recommendations?

    I know there are a couple old posts about this, but I am looking for more up to date info, and to be honest I'd really love to hear about what companies/products people have had good, long term experiences with rather than hearsay. I am in the market for new followspots. The throw from the the...
  5. HLlovesPyroLX

    Trouble with Lycian Superstar 1275

    Hey there Lampies,So I have a pair of Lycian Superstar 1275 spots in my theatre. I have NO idea how old they are but the they are in pretty good shape. Until recently. One of them has started having a flicker and loss of output with in the last few months. It only happens once in awhile...
  6. A

    Lycian SuperArc 400 dimness

    I'm at a venue at the moment that has two Lycian SuperArc 400 - Short throw follow spots. One spot is perfectly bright when it's on low-range and the lowest setting. The other spot is significantly dimmer when it's on High-range on setting 6. We've changed the lamp again and again and it is...