1. S

    Onyx (M-PC) now limiting its free software

    For a time Onyx (was M-PC during the time) offered a generous 4 universes with their free software. Now they have a new license structure, which will basically limit the free version of the software to 1 universe. The next tier would be the Onyx Nova license (comes with NX dongle), which grants...
  2. M

    Martin M-PC GM &FM Stuck at 0%

    I have this really weird problem. All of a sudden the grandmaster and flashmaster on M-PC is stuck at zero. Ive tried reinstalling the software. And even used a software given to me by Martin support to fix it. But I've had no luck. I have full DMX control of the fixtures (Pan, tilt, lamp on) I...
  3. Joel Engelhardt

    Using Martin M-PC with ANY USB-DMX interface - Cheap!

    Hey guys! So as you know, DMX control has gotten extremely inexpensive, especially using cheap (yet in my opinion generally reliable) USB-to-DMX interfaces sold online. An example of such interfaces is this one, which you could buy right now for $16.81. While these solutions are certainly not...