ma or hog

  1. ChloeOliana

    Offline Editors for Consoles

    Is there software for offline editors for the MA2, MA3, or Hog consoles? Don't need to run a show off them just want to teach myself some skills on those because I'm less experienced at these. Already have the etc off-line editorAny links would be great!
  2. Old School 512

    Control/Dimming What is your preference MA2 or Hog Control systems

    Hello All, I am doing scenarios between installing a MA2 or a Hog3 or 4 into a 1200 seat venue. It is a remodeled cathedral with multi purpose uses. It has a stage that is 20 ft wide by 22 ft deep. Down stage at the front the stage and wings make it 40 ft across. I have the points for a 40ft...