1. ChloeOliana

    Offline Editors for Consoles

    Is there software for offline editors for the MA2, MA3, or Hog consoles? Don't need to run a show off them just want to teach myself some skills on those because I'm less experienced at these. Already have the etc off-line editorAny links would be great!
  2. Old School 512

    MA Lighting Software Library

    MA Lighting's software and PDF manuals for MA2 and some legacy hardware.
  3. Zac Austin

    Control/Dimming PC/Mac Lighting Control Software recommendation

    Hi all,I am looking for a lighting control application, preferably for mac but I don't mind having to use a PC if it does what I need it to do.I am used to working with professional grade consoles like the MA2 series, HOG4, ETC Eos series, etc. I have gotten really used to the workflow of...
  4. a.jenner

    Design Issues and Solutions Lost fixtures in MA3D

    Hey all,So it seems like I have lost some fixtures in my MA3D showfile. They are still patched in the console, but wont show up in 3D and have no items in the "Fixture Positions" tab in the patch. Anyone know how I get them to show up again without repatching them?Thanks
  5. a.jenner

    Control/Dimming MA3D Not connecting with MA2 Console

    This is driving me so crazy that it finally made me make an account here, so apologies for the newness and if this happens to be in the wrong forum.I am running MA3D on a Mac through bootcamp and have an MA2 Light console. The MA3D sees the session that the console has created but will not...
  6. J

    Control/Dimming MA3D syncing to MA2 on PC

    So, I went and downloaded & installed GrandMa2 & MA3d on my windows machine, and went to link the the two but I'm having trouble joining the session on 3d. Any ideas? They are both on the same machine, and the network settings (IP Address are the same) on both console and 3d. On 3d I can see the...
  7. Maxweisen

    GrandMA2 Lamp On and Lamp Off Macro

    Hey CB,I am working on a GrandMA2 Console and having some trouble making 2 macros, one for lamp on and one for lamp off. Can anyone post a screen shot of a lamp on or lamp off macro they have made for MA2 that works?Thanks, Max