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    Animation Wheel Woes

    Hello all! Another stumper for you all. I've got a Mac 2000 Performance II with some animation wheel problems. It spins just fine won't won't track on and off. Already put a new motor and checked the wheels and bearings that the belt wraps around and it all looks good. Also, on start up and...
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    Automated Fixtures Troubleshooting Flickering MAC2000 Performance

    I have recently gotten my hands on several Martin MAC2000 Performance fixtures that have been heavily used but still seemed to be working fine. I did a very quick test of all the functions with them sitting on my stage and everything looked fine. I have now hung them (so they are upside down...
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    Martin Mac 2k Performance OPEN error

    Hello all,I have a Martin Mac 2k Performance that until the other day was working fine with no issues. Suddenly it began displaying an "OPEN" error which according to the general users manual means the Lamp access panel is not fully secured. I have checked the panel many times and replaced the...