1. rkwalick

    dedicated media playback computer

    The short version- instead of keeping our 2010 macbook pro, hooked up to a projector with a mac adapter and to the soundboard through the (intermittently evil and annoying) headphone jack, what should we get- the issue is the switch in the headphone jack getting stuck given the sheer number of...
  2. J

    How to use laptop for sound

    I ran sound from MacBook Air’s headphone jack (to XLR into mixer) at a high school theater and it sounded awful.What do I need between the computer and the mixer? Am I looking for an “external sound card”? “Pre-amp”? “DAC”? And if so, what specs do I need to meet to do well in a medium-sized...
  3. D

    Opinion: Surface Pro vs Macbook

    Hey guys, I am a lighting designer working with a 2010 Macbook and I am thinking about upgrading to a new notebook. Mac is currently on my crap list lately due to its removal of both the HDMI and their standard USB ports and having a bunch of adapters to use the simplest tools should not be an...