1. jtweigandt

    Is there a keyboard equivalent for park and unpark on the ion

    Got a panic call from a relative newbie last night. We have a macro to power up and park ch 512 which controls all our relays for the LED lights. Trouble is.. if you fail to execute the inverse macro at the end of the night (not sure if a show save is necessary) that unparks and shuts...
  2. NewProgrammer

    Labeling macro; Ion

    Hey guys! I'm programming a show where we are linking projections with an ETC Ion. I'm creating a ton of cues specific to projections, and as such have many cues to label "projections". Is there a way to set up a macro to fill the label in for me, so I don't have to type it out every time? I've...
  3. Maxweisen

    GrandMA2 Lamp On and Lamp Off Macro

    Hey CB,I am working on a GrandMA2 Console and having some trouble making 2 macros, one for lamp on and one for lamp off. Can anyone post a screen shot of a lamp on or lamp off macro they have made for MA2 that works?Thanks, Max